School Pantomime

“We wanted to produce a pantomime this year. Owing to pressure of pupil progress, planning, marking, and all the rest of it, we wanted someone to do the hard work. Richard wrote the script and came in to school for 3 days. In an hour he knew all of the children’s names. By lunch the show was cast. At the end of day one, the children were confidently acting the first act. At the end of day two, scripts were being cast aside as the children, with growing confidence were getting into their stride. Uncannily, I don’t recall a raised voice (other than the actor’s) throughout the entire three days. Richard left a confident group of thespians, a relaxed staff, and a funny, bright and sparkly performance of Cinderella that proved a huge hit with audiences aged three to eighty three. Richard – please come again next year”

John Neilsen, Headteacher, Barmby Moor Primary


In 2011 I was contacted by Barmby Moor Primary to write a pantomime and to cast and direct it over three days. I then left them to learn, refine and add the dance routines. The whole school effort was incredibly rewarding for all and I was delighted to see a school so committed to creativity. The resulting production was a tribute to the hard work of staff and pupils.

 I now have two pantomime scripts and am planning to write more to offer to other schools – to share my experience of professional pantomime with pupils and to take the stress out of the end of term productions for staff. If you would be interested in meeting me to discuss and to look at a pantomime script then I would be delighted to hear from you.