A page with tracks and instruction for recording your voice to add to Richard’s song “For the Love of Singing”, commissioned by YTR.

Thanks so much for attending ‘Love Bites’, the reopening event for York Theatre Royal. Here are the tracks and instructions you will need if you wish to add your voice to my finished track ‘For the Love of Singing’ which will be shared by YTR over the coming months. The deadline for sending me your tracks is 10am on Friday 21st May 2021.

Below are links to three tracks with simple repeated refrains, plus one track with all three parts together. You can choose to record and send any of these parts. Firstly, simply listen to the track to get a feel for the refrain to be sung. Then, when recording yourself, if you use the first of each refrain as a guide and then sing along with the rest that would be great.

It is important for the recording that I can only hear your voice. To do this you will need to listen to the track on headphones through one device (say a computer or tablet) and then record yourself singing onto a separate device (for example your phone). You may find it easiest to have one headphone in one ear whilst leaving your other ear free to hear yourself. Don’t forget to listen on headphones so that only your voice is recorded as we don’t want other sound interfering with the overall track.

Once you have your recording, simply send it to me at and I will add it to the song. Please don’t worry about the quality of your singing! Very few people like the sound of their own voice singing unaccompanied but I promise that the overall sound, when added to the track, will work. You may even want to send the recording to me without even listening to it!

The deadline for recordings to be added to the track is this Friday. For more examples of virtual tracks and compositions I have created over the last 15 months visit my YouTube channel

Three parts together

Doo Doos