Season of Goodwill

Season of Goodwill
Richard Kay

Eating, drinking, merriment
Till all have had their fill
All wrapped up and packaged in
The season of goodwill

Glowing faces smile beyond
a snow-lined window sill
A festive family portrait in
The season of goodwill

All differences side-lined
All angry tongues be still
No arguments intrude upon
The season of goodwill

Giving to the needy
Reaching out until
those less fortunate feel valued in
The season of goodwill

And yet
In a world of selfishness
Of jealousy and fear
A culture of unrest
And a mistrusting atmosphere
We close our doors and borders
And pretend we cannot hear
The suffering that carries on
all throughout the year

So as our hearts begin to swell
With thoughts of Christmas thrill
with joy and fun and laughter
In the season of goodwill
Perhaps we should consider
Why there needs to be a reason
For us to allocate goodwill
A solitary season?